I am interested in the exploration and study of public areas, preferably facilities and locations that serve as cultural and communal roots for society. I visit each location for several weeks and immerse myself in the environment, equipped with only a pen of India ink and a sketchbook.
I am passionate about the confrontation of my habitual perceptions with my slowly changing perspective of the environment over time.  In my work, I constantly repeat the process of observing and drawing over and over.  Each repetition provides renewal of new breath in impression and comprehension of the environment.  Every drawing is composed with uniform-size to allow consistency across the evolving experience.  
The single drawings, when compiled together, reveal an innate rhythm and deeper connection within and across the environment through unforeseen relations and tensions.  Situations emerge which may appear to be related, yet can also be dissembled, thus creating realms of reality, while each remain just a possibility.
Eva Früh